Bertha Ready-Ayers (née Hansen)

Bertha Hansen was born in Illinois in 1867. Unfortunately, that appears to have been a popular year for Bertha Hansens in Illinois, and it is hard to find out more information than her mother was from Illinois and her father was from Norway. She first married Harry F. Ayer sometime before 1892 when they had their first child, Stephen E, who was eighteen at the time of the 1910 census. Their other children included Miriam who was thirteen in 1910, and Ruth who was ten.

While Stephen was born in Colorado, the Ayer family moved to Nebraska before the births of Miriam and Ruth. They settled in Franklin, Nebraska where Harry worked as a depot agent. Sometime before 1917, Stephen left home and married Grace. On his application for the World War I draft he claims a wife as a dependent and asks for exemption because he is the sole operator at the bank in town. In 1920, they have two children, Martha Grace, age 2, and Virginia, three months. Stephen dies in Stanislaus County, California in 1949.

By 1920, Harry is no longer a member of Ruth’s family. Bertha has remarried Charles Ready of Hayes center. There is no death certificate for Harry Ayer, but the Ayer family from Franklin continues to visit the Readys in Hayes Center, and Bertha, Ruth, and Miriam often go to Franklin a well. According to Newspaper reports, Bertha married Charles A. Ready sometime before 1916. In 1917, Miriam travels to Colorado to attend a music conservatory. Her mother and Stepfather accompany her on her way to Colorado. She stays in Colorado where she marries Harry Phinney. There is no record of her after this.

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